Cuddle Cot

Sometimes spending time with your baby can be difficult. This may be due to many different things, such as your own, or your partner’s feelings, the condition your baby is born in, your physical health condition, the temperature of the environment.

The Cuddle Cot was created to support parents, by providing a way to gently keep the baby cool and allowing them to spend extra time together. Click here to read Debbie’s story about her experience of using a Cuddle Cot. Many hospitals around the UK have Cuddle Cot’s available for use, and other countries around the world are following suit.

The Cuddle Cot is a portable cooling unit, which can be used with a moses basket, cot, or hospital bassinet. It is simple to assemble and use. It has a cooling mat, which is placed under the mattress of the cot or moses basket. Water flows through this pad, cooling the air down around the baby. The pad remains soft, allowing the baby to be cuddle whilst remaining cool, which can be very helpful if your baby is born in a very fragile condition.



Using the Cuddle Cot, provides a much less clinical environment for your baby to rest, when they are away from yourselves.  It has an adjustable temperature control on it, which means that midwives are able to support you when saying a final goodbye, to warm your baby up a little, easing your memories.

The Cuddle Cot is also portable and can be utilised to support you to take your baby home before the funeral if you wish, or can be used by funeral directors in a community setting when visiting your baby in the Chapel of Rest.

If you are reading this as you prepare to meet your baby, please ask your hospital if they have one that you can use.


The Cuddle Cot comes with 2 different sized cooling mats.  The smaller mat can be used with a little basket for babies born at early gestations. It may not be possible to slow the physiological changes down for such a long time with the smaller babies. If you are being cared for on a gynaecological ward it is less likely that a Cuddle Cot will be available, if you would like to use one you may need to request it from the Delivery Suite/labour ward if they have one.





To raise a Cuddle Cot for your hospital, click here to create a fundraising page on Just Giving.


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