Debriefing/Mentoring for professionals

Debriefing/Mentoring for professionals


What is Debriefing?

Working in maternity services, indeed in any health profession, can be tiring, difficult and stressful.  Sometimes a difficult, distressing or traumatic birth can be hard for the staff to process, becoming a source of stress.

Although supervision and debrief should be tools available to all, sometimes this service is not available. If you are concerned that actions, or missed opportunities during your care may have had an impact upon the outcome, perhaps you feel you are not able to debrief.

This invaluable listening service is anonymous, there is no need to give your name, or place of work details if you do not wish to.


When are sessions available?

Charge £35 per session, up to 60 minutes length

E-mail debrief £5 for up to 3 e mails.