Holding Hope

Holding Hope



What is Holding Hope?

Holding Hope is a beautiful, semi structured support project for people pregnant after a loss (and/or their partners). Each small group is run as a secret group on facebook, regularly throughout the year.

Through questions, sharing, inspiration and taking part in suggested activities, you will have the opportunity to explore where you are in your life, to reflect and to look ahead. You'll have my full support, I’ll hold hope for you and give you the tools to discover your own. I'll be available by e mail or private message if you wish to speak privately, or you can post in the group if you are feeling worried or down as the other members may have some words of wisdom too.

Each of the 7 days will have a slightly different theme, with the pictures, quotes, questions and activities all connected to the theme. The themes will build over the week into a gentle hope which will light your way on the darker days.


How will it help?

  • Help you to gain a greater understanding of your current situation, including any stressors.
  • Provide a safe space to meet other parents in similar situations.
  • Provide inspiration and structure to allow you to explore your feelings, hopes and fears in more depth.
  • Suggest strategies to manage more difficult days.
  • Support you as you find a way to hold onto hope.


How does it work?

When you book your space you will be asked for some details, including your Facebook profile and e mail address.  You will receive an e mail with details about the date of the next available project.  You’ll receive a facebook friend invitation and will be added to the private group a few days before the project starts. 

This project is unique. It's a peer support group with a difference. It is structured, guided and professionally considered. I am an Occupational Therapist with 15 years experience creating and facilitating groups in mental health services. I'm also a life coach and qualified teacher. I'll be using all of my skills to inspire and support you over these 7 days. There is also something special about a shared experience like this, if you feel able to participate, to share your thoughts and feelings with the other members, you'll all be able to learn from each other. It can feel wonderful to give and receive support in a safe environment like this.


When are sessions available?

There is a small charge of £5 to register for the support group. To register for the next available group please book below. Groups run approximately once a month for 7 days.


Booking form for Holding Hope

Please enter information on this form to make payment for Holding Hope. The amount you need to pay is £5.00.