Planning Your Baby’s Funeral

Planning a funeral for your baby is difficult for many reasons. Maybe you feel it is the only thing you can do for them, so you feel pressure over getting it perfect?  Perhaps you don’t even know where to begin? Maybe it is too hard to think about?

I hope that the information contained within these pages gives you a starting point from which to begin your research and planning. Funeral Directors, Church Ministry, Chaplains and Celebrants are very skilled at designing individual services, so will also be able to help you.

Here you’ll find information to help you as you consider whether burial or cremation is the right thing for your family.

You’ll find a section with beautiful readings suitable for a child’s service.

We’ve put together a playlist to support you as you explore any music that you might like to have played. Each song in this list has been played at the funeral of a baby – their parent’s have let us know their special choices.

Bereaved parent’s in our network have shared their tips with you in each section – hearing from someone who has been through it has been helpful.

You’ll also find some useful links, resources and products mentioned throughout the sections.