Planning Your Birth

Your Hospital Bag

You may have already prepared for the birth of your baby and have your hospital bag packed.  Or perhaps this event has come at an earlier stage of your pregnancy and you don’t feel ready for it?  In this section you’ll find ideas about what you might wish to take with you to hospital.

I suggest packing into different bags to make it a bit easier for your companions. A labour bag which contains items which you might need during your labour; a separate bag within your labour bag which contains items you might need after the birth (for you and your baby); a postnatal bag which you might need if you stay in the hospital for longer than one day.


            If you are experiencing the loss of your baby during early pregnancy, you may not attend the hospital. From approximately 9 weeks gestation it is possible to recognise the tissue that passes as being foetal in shape. In this case you might like to consider gathering the following items.

•    Asking your hospital, midwife or doctors surgery for a commode bowl that you can place into your toilet. It can be distressing if your baby passes into the toilet.
•    A small, shallow plastic bowl for holding your baby if you wish.
•    A small box to bury your baby in.
•    Organisations like Preemies UK or Little Things are able to supply small angels pockets, blankets and ice cream tub size moses baskets.



Labour Bag

  • Some old clothes/nightie to give birth in.
  • Your own pillow.
  • Something to play music on.
  • Perhaps something to do while you wait for the induction to take affect (puzzle books, book or magazine)
  • Lipbalm
  • Camera
  • Phone
  • Some snacks


Birth Bag

  • Pyjamas or a nightie
  • Change of clothes
  • Old pair of knickers
  • Maternity pads/sanitary towels
  • Couple of breast pads
  • Memory box/ items to create memories
  • Outfits for your baby
  • A blanket for your baby
  • A teddy for your baby


 If your pregnancy is in the early stages, many items above will still be helpful to you.   From approximately 11 weeks gestation your baby will be recognisable. If you have chosen a medically managed miscarriage, you might find it helpful to let staff know if you would like to look at your baby.  If you have chosen a surgically managed miscarriage, meeting your baby is unlikely to be possible so you will not need the items for your baby.


Post Natal Bag

  • Washkit
  • Changes of clothes
  • Extra changes of underwear
  • Maternity pads
  • Breast pads