I am a qualified Occupational Therapist with 15 years experience (For 13 years I have worked in mental health services). I’m also a teacher and life coach. Throughout my career I have developed skills in hosting and facilitating groups, supporting people in distressing circumstances and with a variety of emotional and communication difficulties.



Following the loss of two of my babies during pregnancy, I began to explore the care that is available to parents. Thankfully we received very good care which helped us to heal in a positive way. In searching out support for myself I quickly realised that, sadly, many parents don’t receive good quality care at the time of their loss or have a variety of support available afterwards.



My friend gave me a website and blog as a gift shortly after Finley died, and I began to support other parents in similar circumstances. To aid my own healing I wrote a journal after we left hospital, which later became the book After Finley.



Finley’s story has also featured in other books including Because They LivedHow I Came To Hold You and The Roar Behind The Silence.



I went on to become pregnant and give birth to a healthy baby girl a year after Finley was born. That inspired me to create a children’s book called The Fairy Caretaker, which helps children to understand more about why we visit the grave of a sibling.



Working with many families affected by the loss of a baby, over time, I have put my knowledge and skills together to create a unique form of support. Sparkles In The Sadness is a supported group project which runs regularly throughout the year, using facebook as it’s platform.  Parents who require support during subsequent pregnancy can join Holding Hope.



I created two study days to help midwives and maternity staff understand more about baby loss from a parent’s perspective and pregnancy after loss.



Over time the knowledge I have gained and my passion for improving parent care led me to create a charity Towards Tomorrow Together which provides resources and support to parents at a local level.  



Although this is a sad area to work in it is very rewarding, I remain passionate about improving parent care and services. Jade (my business partner) and I created The Butterfly Awards to highlight inspirational stories from survivors, as well as the work of fantastic charities and dedicated professionals.



My husband and I have had the pleasure of being able to take part in a documentary called Still Loved, due to be completed in late 2015