For Families

This section contains a wealth of information, ideas and resources for people who may be, or have been affected by the death of a baby and the people who care for them.

My Baby Might Die!

My Baby Might Die

The information in this section is created for parents who receive a diagnosis during pregnancy which means that their baby may not survive pregnancy, birth or may have an uncertain future

My Baby Died

This section has been provided for parents who have experienced the death of their baby. Parents who have just discovered this sad news, tor need  help planing the next steps.

Thier Baby Died

This section has been created to provide friends and family with information about how to support someone who has lost a baby.

If you work within maternity or bereavement services you may also find useful information and resources here.

I'm Pregant Again

This section is for parents pregnant after the loss of a baby, find themselves progressing through a pregnancy.

This section may support you within your pregnancy and parenthood.

Support Articles and Advice

Dear Mummy and Daddy

Dear Mummy and Daddy, We’d like to welcome you to our site. We are sorry that your treasured baby was unable to stay with you for longer and hope that, in time, you will find peace in the memories you have. We wish you had no need for our services, but hope very much...

Preparing To Meet Your Baby

Right at this moment you could be feeling any number of feelings – or none at all. We won’t even begin to guess at how you might be feeling. We would like to reassure you that everything you are feeling and thinking is “normal”. Or whatever word you can use to...

Planning Your Birth

Your Hospital Bag You may have already prepared for the birth of your baby and have your hospital bag packed. Or perhaps this event has come at an earlier stage of your pregnancy and you don’t feel ready for it? In this section you’ll find ideas about what you might...

Treasured Moments

As you take in the sad news, hand resting protectively on your tummy, perhaps you are feeling that your baby is safe and happy inside your tummy. Many Mum’s report that part of them wanted this time to last forever. There are a few short moments to treasure, the last...

Coping Before and During Labour

We hope this page will give you some ideas of how to manage during this “no man’s land” between waiting to be induced and meeting your baby. Some parents find that this time is really difficult for them. Some find that it is a time where they are numb or are at peace,...

Saying Hello Before You Say Goodbye

When you are given the news that your baby has died, it’s a shock. It’s hard to understand how it is possible, why it has happened, why it has happened to you. You have to say goodbye to your baby before you have even met. And it’s unfair. They haven’t had a chance to...

Making Memories

If you’ve arrived at this page, having just discovered that your baby has died (or might die), you might be wondering what might help you at this difficult time. We have created this section to give you some ideas of how you could spend your time with your baby. These...

Saying Goodbye

At some point, you will need to say goodbye to your baby. Of course, a final goodbye will occur more formally at the funeral, we’ll cover that in another section. This section is written to help you consider the goodbyes you may make prior to the funeral service....

The Butterfly Awards is a beautiful, inspirational ceremony and dinner which brings awareness of a topic, which is all too often hidden away. A black tie/cocktail dress event, held in beautiful surroundings ensures that this is a treat to remember, whilst you remember and celebrate the strength and achievements of the nominees highlighted. The 2017 Butterfly Awards looks set to be an even bigger and better event, with 300 people expected to attend and many to receive awards for the courage they have shown or the work they do in supporting those going through babyloss. We are currently accepting sponsorship for the event, please view our Sponsorship Opportunities.

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