As you take in the sad news, hand resting protectively on your tummy, perhaps you are feeling that your baby is safe and happy inside your tummy. Many Mum’s report that part of them wanted this time to last forever.

There are a few short moments to treasure, the last memories of your pregnancy. In months, or years to come, you may look back on your pregnancy with a fondness, a wistfulness and feel glad that you had this time with your baby.

There are some things that you can do which may help you to remember this time, before you visit the hospital and meet your baby.

Photographs: You may not yet have had the chance to have a pregnancy photo shoot (or even have thought about having one). This can be an opportunity to capture beautifully poignant images of yourself, your body, your family. You can ask a professional photographer or capture some images yourself. There are many websites which can help you to edit the photographs to make them black and white, or sepia after the photoshoot.


[zee_alert close=”NO” type=”success” title=”Early Pregnancy”]If you are still in the early stages of pregnancy, you might wish to capture a photograph of you with your pregnancy test, if you have it. You might also consider having a photo printed from your scan.[/zee_alert]


We’ve found some images below which might give you some inspiration.

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A letter:

You might like to write a letter to your baby, or capture your feelings and reflections on your pregnancy in a journal. Over time our memories can fade and our feelings can change. It can be really important to some to have a record of this time.




Blessing Way: You may have been thinking of holding a baby shower, to get together with friends and family. That may no longer feel appropriate to do. A blessingway is a Native American tradition, which has spread worldwide. It is a gentle blessing given by friends and family to wish the mother well on her journey, and to share blessings for the baby. This touching ceremony can be adapted to suit your situation.

It allows friends and family to show their support to you. Here are some ideas for activities which can be included as part of your blessingway, or used by yourselves as a stand alone activity.


Bump Casting:
When you become pregnant and begin your journey towards motherhood your body changes shape. You may wish to capture a model of that shape. You can purchase bump casting kits at Amazon.



There are videos on you tube which explain how to take a plaster of paris cast. You can have them painted later. Some people even capture an image of their baby (after they are born) laying in the cast, which can be particularly poignant.





Bump P bump paintingainting: Typically carried out in Henna, this tradition could be recreated using facepaint. There are facepainting artists who also offer bump painting as a service, or a friend or family member can help you.


Using a Candle: Candles can be particularly poignant and symbolic. You could give family and friends a candle to light for you when you go into labour. You can also purchase memorial candles which you could light


Memory Beads: Invite each guest to bring a bead with them to your blessingway. When they arrive they thread the bead onto a cord. It can be meaningful to combine this with them speaking to you as they gift the bead. Perhaps invite each guest to give you a positive thought or a happy memory, to counter the tears and sadness. The cord can be brought to the hospital with you, a reminder of the support that you have.


Love Notes: You could invite your guests to write a wish, intention, pledge or prayer on a small piece of paper. They can add these to a glass jar (which can be decorated), pretty box, lovely bag. You can read these blessings at a later date, perhaps on a difficult day.