Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

Nominations / Shortlisting

Only nominations received before the closing date will be accepted. We reserve the right to amend the opening and closing date of nominations, the opening and closing dates of the voting period, without notification.

Where nominations are received without an e mail address, or with an invalid e mail address, reasonable efforts will be made to contact the nominee to inform them of the nomination. This includes telephone calls, postal letters or text messages if those details are provided. Sometimes it may not be possible to contact the nominee.

International nominations entered into non international categories will be not be eligible to be shortlisted.

In order to be considered for shortlisting nominees must complete the confirmation form, and indicate that they are willing to pay, and available to attend the event.

Nominees under the age of 16 will not be eligible for shortlisting in any category due to the sensitive nature of the event.

Purchasing of a ticket, prior to the shortlisting taking place, does not guarantee that a nominee will be shortlisted.

The shortlist is selected by Mel Scott and independent colleagues, based on the merits of the nominations and on those merits only.

We only accept nominations which relate to baby loss during pregnancy up until 18 months of age.

The organisers of the Butterfly Awards (Mel Scott), or their organisations cannot be shortlisted in any category. Where a volunteer or someone linked with Towards Tomorrow Together is nominated, shortlisting will be based on merit from the content of the nomination form alone. In this instance Mel Scott is unable to shortlist this entry.

Award sponsors cannot be shortlisted in the category that they are sponsoring. Sponsors may be nominated and considered for shortlisting in other award categories. Event and Award Sponsors will receive no preferential treatment.

The winners of the previous year cannot be shortlisted in the category that they won the previous year. They may be considered for shortlisting in any other category. In subsequent years, after the first year has passed, it is acceptable to be nominated, shortlisted and eligible to win.

All shortlisted nominees must purchase a ticket to attend within the specified time frame, or have discussed special circumstances with the event organisers.

All nominees shortlisted in the Inspirational Mother and Inspirational Father categories agree to become judges in subsequent years, in the event that they win.

We reserve the right to withdraw any shortlisted nominee or profile, if we are informed or discover that any T&C has been broken. We will also withdraw an entry if gross misconduct, or other concern occurs prior to the awards evening, especially where this will reflect negatively on the event.

Voting / Judging

All shortlisted nominees must purchase a ticket, before the agreed date and prior to creating a public profile on the website. Nominees who have not done so, and have not discussed exceptional circumstances with the event organisers, may not be eligible to have their profile made available for voting or judging.

All shortlisted nominees must agree to their profile, profile picture and all details included therein being shared publicly, including on social media networks and in local/national media.

The public vote will open and close at the pre-arranged times. Votes accepted before or after these dates will not be counted. We reserve the right to amend these times should unforeseen circumstances occur. In the unlikely event voting is delayed for more than 24 hours we will attempt to let all shortlisted nominees know the amended dates, and will advertise this fact on our social media channels.

Only online votes will be accepted. All reasonable effort is taken to ensure genuine votes only, votes are restricted to IP address to help prevent abuse.

Members of the Judging Panel cannot cast a vote in any category that they have been shortlisted for. Judges must declare any conflict of interests which they notice when they receive the list of shortlisted nominees. If a conflict of interest is present, the judge will not be able to cast a vote within that category.


The fees paid for event sponsorship are non-refundable, in any circumstances.

We reserve the right to decline any offers from potential sponsors, where we deem the organisation/ company or product unsuitable for the nature of the event, or where we have concerns about the conduct of the staff.

It is the sponsor’s responsibility to ensure that they understand what their sponsorship package entitles them too, and meet the requirements of this within the specified time scales. For example, providing art work, goody bag items, and logos for slides. If this is not received we reserve the right to not include them.

Some sponsorship packages include advertising, which may be on social media, our website, or to our mailing list. This will be done as fairly as possible, on a regular basis prior to the awards. Advertising will occur more frequently during nomination and voting periods.


The named person who is shortlisted must be the person who attends the event, and collects the award, unless this has been previously discussed with the event organisers. In the event that a winner is unable to attend the event at short notice, we reserve the right to award the award to the second place runner up in that category.

Refunds for ticket sales at the following rates

more than 3 months ahead = 100% refund.

1-3 months ahead = 50% refund.

< 1 month ahead = no refund possible.

Any early bird rate, discounts or coupon codes for event tickets or sponsorship are provided at our discretion and may be withdrawn at any time without prior notice.

Tickets will not be sold to people under the age of 16, due to the sensitive nature of the event.

It is possible to request specific seating at the time of booking your ticket, if you wish to sit with another person, or near another organisation, please enter this into the space on the booking form. We will attempt to meet your wishes, however this may not be possible due to available spaces or seating plans

We will endeavor to cater for specific dietary requirements for the provided meal. Please enter these at the time of booking, so that we can notify the hotel.

We reserve the right to amend the event schedule and entertainment at short notice.

Photographs will be taken before and during the event, and of all sponsors and winners when they are presented with their award. Some of these images will be used, without prior notification, within our publicity material, online (websites and social media), to our e mail lists and in local/national press.


It is the responsibility of the guests to locate and book their own accommodation where required. Although we have negotiated some rooms for our guest’s availability, the fees and booking for this must be done directly through the venue.

Any grievances with the venue or facilities are to be taken up with the venue directly.

We (Mel Scott, Finley’s Footprints, and associated companies) cannot be held liable for any grievances, losses or anything else connected to the venue where the event is held. We will endeavor to do our best to ensure that all dietary information is passed to the venue. We however cannot guarantee the environment in which food is produced will meet these requirements.

We reserve the right to amend these terms and conditions without prior notice.