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My Plea:

Receiving this nomination has been truly overwhelming and humbling for me.

Almost two years ago I met Natalie as she asked to hold my newborn baby William, pictured above, at a children’s birthday party. Natalie shared how holding William was the first time she had a held a baby since her darling son Otis had died a few months previously. This moment connected us – mother to mother and we have shared many special mothering moments since.

It is so hard to accept that I deserve this award. My only act is of friendship but that is recipricol. Natalie and Otis are the ones to be thanked, they have shared so much with me and offered so many lessons of love, longing, loss and recovery.

So thank you to you my lovely friends for kindly nominating me but more importantly for sharing your lives with me. This nomination is for you, for Otis my little friend, the beautiful boy I never met in person but who I’ve come to know through his Mummy’s love.

What Other’s Have Said

I’d like to nominate Anna for this award to say ‘Thank You’ for her friendship over the last two years since the death and birth of my little boy.

Anna allows me to speak about my son apologetically. She allows me to feel how I need to feel without judgement and without trying to ‘fix’ me. Anna, without ever meeting him, shows my baby so much love – through the smiles we share when we talk about how mischievous he was during my pregnancy; to the tears she sheds when we talk about how short his life was and how unfair it is that it is this way.

Anna is one of very few people walking the earth who has come to my baby’s graveside with me and both celebrated him and mourned for him.

As corny as this may sound, she really is there for me. Not just me, but my two little girls as well who both miss their brother dearly.

Anna isn’t afraid to say my son’s name and I will be eternally grateful for that. She also supports me in my crazy ideas and believes in them equally.

Thank you, Anna, for everything you do and all that you are. You don’t realise at all what an impact you have had on both mine and my son’s life since you came in to it.