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JOEL The Complete Package supports families through pregnancy and parenting after the devastation of baby loss.

We offer hope and positivity through the life long journey of loss and empower families to celebrate their family as whole.

JOEL offers support in so many ways:

Online peer support group- a safe and trusted place to chat to others who have an understanding of how you feel. Trying to conceive and rainbow pregnancy is a time filled with anxiety and that doesn’t end when a rainbow is born. Our support is also for sunshine and rainbow parents and family.

JOEL “Dad’s” -to promote positive well-being for dads and partners in a safe and trusted environment. Sessions are bi-monthly and are activities that promote positive outlook, team work and being outdoors. There is also an online network used to plan events.

Chasing Rainbows- a monthly family get together, where we have a cuppa, cake, a natter, have crafts for the children or take part in outside activities and celebrate our family as a whole

Training and Resources- JOEL offers a comprehensive range of resources to support families throigh their lofe long journey of loss. These include; a family support pack containing a certificate of life, resources to support employees and employers, support for sibling packs and pregnancy after loss journals. Our training is offered to health professionals, employers and schools.

Treasured angels- creating baby gowns from donated wedding dresses

Family Suite at Bassetlaw Hospital- a beautiful, bespoke and multipurpose birth room, lovingly transformed by JOEL and is used by families at a a time of heartache and loss and also rainbow baby delivery.

Support and Coaching- one-to-one, group support and coaching sessions

JOEL was founded in 2012 and is a combination of the names James and Noel, twin boys who were born still in 2011. Noel and James parents, Matt and Emma founded JOEL after the birth of their first rainbow, Sebastian was born in 2012 after identifying a huge gap in support for rainbow pregnancies and parenting.

What others have said:

Emma Pearson founded Joel The Complete Package, a charity that supports families who have been through the loss of a baby and who are parenting or going through a subsequent pregnancy after their loss. It is a truly wonderful organisation that works tirelessly to support the whole family during their heartbreak and beyond as they work towards accepting their new normal.”