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We are absolutely honoured and thrilled to make the shortlist of this fantastic category!
We here at Little Baby & Co get so emotionally attached to each family that reach out to us for help.
Each time someone crosses our path, we are dealing with them based on our own experiences and heartache along with self taught knowledge we have collected over the 7 years we have existed.

Every person and their experience of baby loss is different, so when someone comes to us for help we throw ourselves in with a full heart, and out of habit during our day to day discussions we affectionately refer to a person we are dealing with as “my lady” or “my guy” depending if it’s a grieving mother or father we are talking too as although many think we are just a formal organisation and we try to stay as professional as possible but we can’t help but become emotionally invested in each baby and family we look after and genuinely worry about people long after the message box has closed each evening, this is why we hope that the support we give within the UK may be worthy of recognition with a Butterfly Award which would be an absolute honour to receive!


We help with the “here & now” and give physical support guiding unsuspecting families through the physical process of miscarriage but we also emotionally support after as the pain does not go away once baby is lost or buried.

We know the pain and emptiness left behind so we are there to help support through tough anniversaries, birthdays and milestones which are always hard.
Where appropriate to do so, we get back in contact with our families to see how they are holding up as aftercare is important as important as primary care!

Our main services include:
MEMORY KEEPSAKES which are available for those who request them, each keepsake is made with love and the individual in mind, and if it is not our families first loss we always include other babies so they are not forgotten.

CARE PACKAGES which includes providing a range of items with baby’s dignity in mind such as burial wraps, specialist gowns, tiny teddies and bespoke first trimester coffins for babies born under 12 weeks gestation which are not available through any other organisation as most of our design were created by ourselves.

SIGNPOSTING we are a specialist organisation who cater for the needs of babies under 16 weeks of gestation we have a protocol in place that if we physically do not have items to cater for a baby over this gestation there are a few charities who we have friendship and a familiarity of their services and will signpost to the correct place as needed as no one shall be turned away from the help they need!

FACE TO FACE we often find ourselves on the front line which can include anything from phone calls for a general chat and to soothe the worries, we accept emergency phone calls even in the middle of the night where we talk people through the moments they give birth at home and explain their next steps, we arrange funerals, we attend hospitals or funeral homes to dress babies where parents have felt too emotional to do so or to deliver precious items and have physically been present to witness and assist the birth of babies born to miscarriage as our video will talk about.

Thank you for choosing to vote for us in this category and hope you will consider voting in our second category of Awareness Advocate where you will find a full description of our services!

What others have said:

“Michelle goes above and beyond to help other parents who have suffered the same loss as she has. She makes the most beautiful keepsakes, caskets and even specialises in water burial for very early babies. She takes such care and creates such beautiful items with such attention to detail. She has many challenges to face herself but she takes them in her stride. She’s an amazing person who has created a brilliant organisation that isn’t like any other.”